About A+F


Hey y’all!

I'm Flo, the creator + CEO of Aroma+Flo. Aroma+Flo began as a vision during a dark time in my life. As a licensed therapist, I found myself at the brink of an emotional breakdown late 2018. I was struggling with my own mental health, job dissatisfaction, and toxic friendships and relationships. I started having panic attacks and struggling with anxiety and depression. Through encouragement and support from my friends and family, I began the journey to improving my mental health by going to therapy and ironically, making candles. 

The candles became less of a hobby and more of an outward expression of my healing. It was more than just wax and fragrance. Aroma+Flo candles are made with soy wax blended with uniquely scented essential oils to ensure a clean burn. Each element of the candle to provides an experience you are able to connect to on a deeper level. 

This brand is a reflection of me and you. The person trying to figure it all out. It is the blood, sweat, and tears of a being surrendering to her intuition, awakening to her reign,  and the ecstasy of who she is. These candles are my conversation with you over a glass of wine after a long day to remind you to keep shining.

Stay lit,